[htdig] Index word doc meta tags (toc)

Subject: [htdig] Index word doc meta tags (toc)
From: Steve Wambolt3 (steve.wambolt@versaterm.com)
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 09:11:41 PDT

I have just installed htdig -- plus the parse.pl script to index pdf and
word documents .. so far it looks great ...

I am having one technical problem that I hope someone can help out with.

I want to be able to index the "Table of Content" ONLY on my word docs ..

Example - I have a 50 page worddoc - it has a 3 page table of contents (when
you reveal code in the word doc you get this) {TOC \o "1-2"} - What I
would like to be able todo is tell htdig to index ONLY the table of
content - I guess by passing it the metatag above ????

any help would be appreciated --

I am anxious to get this going -- IF someone wants to leave me there phone
number I will call you to discuss.

Thanks in advance

Steve Wambolt

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