[htdig] keywords and quotes

Subject: [htdig] keywords and quotes
From: Kostas Kavoussanakis (kavousan@epcc.ed.ac.uk)
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 03:20:59 PDT


Apologies if this is a FAQ, if it is please point me to the correct
place to search. Do the quotes in the META tag below have to be double
in order for htsearch to rank them high?

<META NAME='htdig-keywords' CONTENT='Staff Skills Database'>

An "All" search for "skills" or "staff skills" returns the page with 4
stars, a search for "skills database" does not return the page at all.
Must the word "database" exist somewhere in the text as well?

ht://Dig 3.1.2 (please don't tell me I must upgrade :-)


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