Re: [htdig] Only getting 9 search results back

Subject: Re: [htdig] Only getting 9 search results back
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 15:55:09 PDT


So, you searched for the same word as previous, but only got 9 results sent back? My first suggestion would be to run 'htdig -vvv' (or more v's, the more v's the more info you'll get) and see why pages are being rejected by htdig.
Also, did you rebuild your database from scratch after the rebuild?


>>> "Ken Lawrence" <> 04/17/00 05:52PM >>>
Dear sirs,

There is a problem. For any search I only get 9 hits and I do not get the more hits list of graphic numbers along the footer. I know there are more hits than 9 but htsearch is only returning 9. Can you give me some idea why or how to approach solving the problem.


Ken Lawrence

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