[htdig] Only getting 9 search results back

Subject: [htdig] Only getting 9 search results back
From: Ken Lawrence (kenl@xmission.com)
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 15:52:58 PDT

Dear sirs,

I have successfully compiled and installed Htdig. It is very cool. Thank you for all your hard work and allowing me to use it at my site.

I do have one small problem. The first time I compiled the code I configured the images prefix URL to be the fully qualified harddrive path not the relative path from my server home documents directory like I wanted. When I ran htsearch it worked perfectly except it could not find the default graphics (stars, htdig logo, numbers etc). My first search showed something like 1 - 9 of 126 in the hits area of the template search page. I could click on the next 10 hits image at the bottom of the page and go to the next 10 even though the graphic image was not found.

I snooped around and found the problem deleted everything rebuilt htdig made the correction in the CONFIG file and ran "make install" again. Things looked great. The images were now found.

There is a problem. For any search I only get 9 hits and I do not get the more hits list of graphic numbers along the footer. I know there are more hits than 9 but htsearch is only returning 9. Can you give me some idea why or how to approach solving the problem.


Ken Lawrence

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