Re: [htdig] Problems with GET URLS

Subject: Re: [htdig] Problems with GET URLS
From: Paul Wolstenholme (
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 16:33:06 PDT

Geoff Hutchison wrote:
> At 9:35 AM -0700 4/12/00, Paul Wolstenholme wrote:
> >This sounds like a good solution for static web pages - fast, standards
> >based. But, I think it would still be a good idea to have a metatag
> >option for people using content from databases.
> Actually, if there's a good META tag standard, then this would be
> relatively fast and also standards based. The two standards you
> mentioned related more to paper publications such as science
> journals. Don't get me wrong, I live by JACS and PRL and the like.
> But they didn't seem to have any way for me to use these for say, the
> ht://Dig documentation.
> If there isn't an existing standard, should we invent a META tag like
> "htdig-id" and allow this to be eventually configured?

I think that Dublin Core is probably not a bad starting point. Whether
it is a good META tag standard, I will leave up to those with higher
synaptic activity than myself.

One of the DC element descriptions is a resource identifier element. It
takes the form:
<META name="Identifier" content=""> or
<META name="DC.Identifier" content="">

The content is "string or number used to uniquely idnetiyf the work form
which this resource was dervived, if applicatble. Examples for networked
resources inlcude URLs and URNs. Other globally-unque identifers, such
as International Standard Book Number (ISBN), or other formal names
would also be candidates for this element in the case of off-line
resources." from Dublin Core Initiative.

I think this is flexible enough and would avoid duplication for someone
like me. I currently use a ISSN for our main web page, and I am looking
at using either DOI or PII for the other content on our site.

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> -Geoff Hutchison
> Williams Students Online

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