RE: [htdig] htm extension

Subject: RE: [htdig] htm extension
From: Sid MacLeod (
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 09:31:33 PDT

> I have a mix of .html and .htm extensions for pages. I can
> search and find
> the inforamtion in .html page extensions but not the .htm pages.
> Is there a
> switch I need to set to search these as well.

They would need to be defined in ht htdig.conf file in the "bad_extensions:"
or "exclude_urls:" sections. I don't believe .htm is in either by default,
but I could be wrong.

I use .htm in bad_extensions to purposely not search those files, and use
.html for pages I want searched. It makes it easy to keep track of what's
getting searched.

Sid MacLeod
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