[htdig] htdig and alt img tags

Subject: [htdig] htdig and alt img tags
From: Byron Jones (byron@vianet.net.au)
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 22:51:42 PDT


i'm a new user to htdig (3.1.5). things are working great except for one

htdig is indexing my alt tags from my images, and i don't want this to
happen. i've got a standard header at the top of all my pages and it's the
alt tags from the images in my header that gets displayed as part of the
search results.

looking through the archives for this list, it looks like this is a recent
feature.. and that there should be a configuration tag to disable it (see
http://www.htdig.org/htdig3-dev/1999/06/0004.html). i've looked through
the source for HTML.cc and it appears that there _is_ a configuration
directory to ignore alt tags.. only i don't know what it is :( img_factor
isn't listed as a valid configuration variable.

for the time being i've commented out the alt section of code from HTML.cc,
however as this solution isn't that portable (ie it probably will be
forgotten when it comes time to upgrade htdig) i'm keen on putting the
appropriate entry into the .conf file. is anyone able to shed some light
on this matter for me?

also, while the database is being built, if i do a search, the results come
back with the correct number of results, however no results are shown. is
it possible for either htsearch to be fixed so that is shows results, or
for htsearch to display a message stating that the database is being
rebuilt and to try again later?



-- byron jones ----------------------
    systems administrator
    vianet australia

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