Re: [htdig] Problems with GET URLS

Subject: Re: [htdig] Problems with GET URLS
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 14:52:33 PDT

Hi, Paul. I didn't see any response to this in the archives.

I can't imagine anything within htdig which would explain the behaviour
you're describing. Rather, it seems to me that perhaps your PHP scripts
aren't putting out correct DC meta tags for all pages. They should
look like

        <meta name="DC.Creator" content"Lorimer">

Also look around these tags for improperly formed tags which might cause
htdig to swallow the meta tag as part of another tag, or tags that would
turn off indexing.

According to Paul Wolstenholme:
> I'm not sure whether this is a HtDig bug or a glitch in my PHP scripts.
> I'm trying to use Htdig 3.1.5 to index some PHP pages that get there data
> from a MySQL database. The data displayed by the page is determined by a
> couple of GET variables that script uses as input --
> title.php3?page=1&journal_id=4.
> I have set up a database that is suppose to search by one meta
> tag element DC.Creator via:
> keywords_meta_tag_names: DC.Creator
> keyword_factor: 100
> text_factor: 0
> title_factor: 0
> heading_factor_1: 0
> heading_factor_2: 0
> heading_factor_3: 0
> heading_factor_4: 0
> heading_factor_5: 0
> heading_factor_6: 0
> The problem is that when I do a search using a known DC.Creator value.
> Htsearch will only return a result if I enter the value of the first
> DC.Creator for a particular journal_id. For example, I know that Lorimer
> is a DC.Creator value for the following page:
> title.php3?page=1&journal_id=22
> When I enter this value into my search form, htsearch returns incorrect
> results. It returns all the page values for a particular journal_id
> value. htdig appears to think that the folling are equal eventhough the
> content is different.
> title.php3?page=1&journal_id=3 is the same as
> title.php3?page=2&journal_id=3 and
> title.php3?page=3&journal_id=3 ...
> If I enter the DC.Creator value for any other page value but page=1 I get
> no results. Htdig seems to work fine on pages that do not pass any
> variables via GET.
> /Paul
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