Re: [htdig] Request for new htdig META property: htdig-description

Subject: Re: [htdig] Request for new htdig META property: htdig-description
From: Patrick Jennings (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 12:57:10 PDT

> According to Geoff Hutchison:
> The problem is that Patrick wants htdig to support both description
> and htdig-description, with the last occurrence overriding earlier
> ones, while someone else wanted it to support only
> and ignore description. What's really needed is something akin to
> keywords_meta_tag_names attribute, to select which meta names will
> used as meta descriptions.

Well, that was a nuance of my explicit setup and, given that I was
rolling my own solution, it was the simplest way of getting the result
I needed. (I love modifying one line of code to get significant new
functionality.) A more generalised solution would be preferable, And
I think you've hit the solution on the nose.

A description_meta_tag_names attribute could do much the same--and
more--so long as the associated "names" list implies precedence. EG:

    description_meta_tag_names: htdig-description description

            which generates the behaviour:
                if no htdig-description then look for description,
                    if no description then automatically generated

    description_meta_tag_names: htdig-description

            if no htdig-description, then automatically generated

This is a more elegant and configurable implementation. I like it.
It'll just take a bit more code to implement.




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