[htdig] help with make on freebsd

Subject: [htdig] help with make on freebsd
From: Sean (seanb@comsite.net)
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 22:02:07 PDT

Hey gang..

Im trying to run a make on freebsd but keep getting this:

gcc -c -O -I. -I./../include -D_THREAD_SAFE ./../xa/xa_db.c
gcc -c -O -I. -I./../include -D_THREAD_SAFE ./../xa/xa_map.c
/bin/rm -f libdb.a
/usr/bin/ar cr libdb.a bt_compare.o bt_conv.o bt_curadj.o bt_cursor.o
bt_delete.o bt_open.o bt_page.o bt_put.o bt_rec.o bt_recno.o bt_rsearch.o
bt_search.o bt_split.o bt_stat.o btree_auto.o db.o db_appinit.o db_am.o
db_apprec.o db_auto.o db_byteorder.o db_conv.o db_dispatch.o db_dup.o
db_err.o db_iface.o db_join.o db_log2.o db_overflow.o db_pr.o db_rec.o
db_region.o db_ret.o db_salloc.o db_shash.o dbm.o hash.o hash_auto.o
hash_conv.o hash_dup.o hash_func.o hash_page.o hash_rec.o hash_stat.o
hsearch.o lock.o lock_conflict.o lock_deadlock.o lock_util.o
lock_region.o log.o log_archive.o log_auto.o log_compare.o log_findckp.o
log_get.o log_put.o log_rec.o log_register.o mp_bh.o mp_fget.o mp_fopen.o
mp_fput.o mp_fset.o mp_open.o mp_pr.o mp_region.o mp_sync.o mutex.o
os_abs.o os_alloc.o os_config.o os_dir.o os_fid.o os_fsync.o os_map.o
os_oflags.o os_open.o os_rpath.o os_rw.o os_seek.o os_sleep.o os_spin.o
os_stat.o os_tmpdir.o os_unlink.o txn.o txn_auto.o txn_rec.o xa.o xa_db.o
test ! -f /usr/bin/ranlib || /usr/bin/ranlib libdb.a
gcc -c -O -I. -I./../include -D_THREAD_SAFE ./../db_archive/db_archive.c
gcc -c -O -I. -I./../include -D_THREAD_SAFE ./../clib/err.c
gcc -c -O -I. -I./../include -D_THREAD_SAFE ./../clib/getlong.c
gcc -o db_archive db_archive.o err.o getlong.o libdb.a -lc_r
ld: -lc_r: no match
*** Error code 1

*** Error code 1

Does anyone have a suggestion...

Thanks Gazillions

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