[htdig] Htdig lost in frames

Subject: [htdig] Htdig lost in frames
From: Chad Phillips (gphillip@aafp.org)
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 10:28:35 PDT

I have been using HtDig for awhile, my company made a new site that is heavily frame and dynamic content dependent. HtDig doesn't seem to index much of the site. Running rundig -vv I get:

title: Family Practice

url rejected: (level 1)http://demo.aafp.org/cgi-bin/gateway.pl?gateway=Family%20Practice&frame=top
url rejected: (level 1)http://demo.aafp.org/cgi-bin/gateway.pl?gateway=Family%20Practice&frame=bottom
 size = 467
pick: demo.aafp.org, # servers = 1
title: Clinical Information

url rejected: (level 1)http://demo.aafp.org/cgi-bin/gateway.pl?gateway=Clinical%20Information&frame=top

url rejected: (level 1)http://demo.aafp.org/cgi-bin/gateway.pl?gateway=Clinical%20Information&frame=bottom
 size = 482
pick: demo.aafp.org, # servers = 1

Here are some of my settings:
limit_urls_to: demo.aafp.org
I deleted the exclude_urls line.

Any ideas?

chad phillips

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