[htdig] Errors to take note of ?

Subject: [htdig] Errors to take note of ?
From: bs@hi.is
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 03:46:16 PDT

I finally got everything up and working on 3.1.5 and am currently digging
my site of 130.000 documents every night.
The string I use for digging is as follows: htdig -s -a -c $CONFDIR/$CONF
I have noticed that 'Errors to take note of:' have been missing out Ref:s
and the errors vary between days a lot. What can be causing this, I know
the links haven't been fixed ? Should I do an initial -i dig once a week,
every time or none at all ? Would I gain anything doing an initial dig again ?
If 'Errors to take note of' was working like I would think it is supposed
to then it would be of great value for our domain since there are a lot of
people updateing the web and adding new pages.
Has anyone on a simular server written anything to report errors via email
to people who have errourous pages ?
On a former topic :
>23000:35506:2:http://xxx.yyy.zz/index.html: ***-+****--++***+ size = 4056
What does the ***-+****--++***+ mean ?
B. Stefansson
Computing Services
University of Iceland

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