[htdig] URGENT! help on setting up htdig

Subject: [htdig] URGENT! help on setting up htdig
From: Rajil Saraswat (rajil@iitk.ac.in)
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 02:34:52 PDT

hi everyone,
   i was trying to setup the htdig search engine, the same used by iitk.
i could able to install the software and configure it, but when i used
the search form supplied with it result was
Unable to read configuration file '/home/tmp/al/conf/htdig.conf'
The htdig.conf does lie in the above directory, but then why the error.
when i ran the htsearch program from console than, the results displayed
fine on the console with the correct html output. so it seems that the
database works fine and everything is ready except some path error which
prohibits the htsearch program to run in a browser.
if anybody has configured it please help me. if anybody wants to have a
copy of the software then mail me.
thanks in advance.


Rajil Saraswat
Cse222 Research Room
Research Engineer
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology.
Kanpur. 2080 016
Tel:    +91-512-597608

E-mail : rajil@iitk.ac.in : rajil_s@yahoo.com

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