Re: [htdig] Request for new htdig META property: htdig-description

Subject: Re: [htdig] Request for new htdig META property: htdig-description
From: Patrick Jennings (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 17:59:33 PDT

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Subject: Re: [htdig] Request for new htdig META property:

> According to Patrick Jennings:
> > The META descriptions on my pages are written to entice people to
> > my site over other sites in major search engines. So, they're not
> > always appropriate for directing users within the site. In
> > to the existing meta tags property htdig-keyword, it'd be very
> > to have an htdig-description. EG:
> >
> Funny, someone asked for this just a couple weeks ago. The response
> was either to use noindex_start and noindex_stop to get htdig to
> meta description tags, or to modify to get it to look for
> htdig-description instead of simply description.

OK. Now just to make things a little more subtle.

Some of the pages on my site are generated by a close-sourced program
which writes out the META tags for description and keywords. Many of
the files I generate using Access, and in these I can insert an
htdig-description META. So, the behaviour I'd like to have is--

    if there's an htdig-description META tag
        use it as the description.
    else if there's a description META tag
        use it as the description

The easiest solution to this problem as far as is concerned
would be to replace the line:

    if (mystrcasecmp(cache, "htdig-description") == 0
    && strlen(conf["content"]) != 0)


        if (mystrcasecmp(cache, "description") == 0 &&
strlen(conf["content"]) != 0
                || mystrcasecmp(cache, "htdig-description") == 0 &&
strlen(conf["content"]) != 0)

Then, in the *.html header, always place the "description" META
*before* the "htdig-description" META. The code then should overwrite
the initial "description" with "htdig-description" if the latter

The question is: will this have any negative side affects (other than
making "description" function as a second "keywords" META if
"htdig-description" is present)? I've scanned through the code, and
it all looks straightforward enough...



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