[htdig] htdig-3.2.0b1 - htdig doesn't follow links

Subject: [htdig] htdig-3.2.0b1 - htdig doesn't follow links
From: glen.davies@cce.ac.nz
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 16:25:52 PDT


I installed htdig-3.2.0b1 on a Dec Alpha running Debian Linux for
Configure ran ok and everything seemed to compile and install to
the correct directories, but when I run htdig it only grabs the index
page and doesn't follow the links (I have tried a few different servers
that don't have any robots.txt files etc and get the same problem).
Htmerge and htsearch run ok but I have a very small database of 1

I have looked through the documentation but can't see anything
obvious that I need to "switch on" to make htdig follow links.

Anything obvious that I need to do? (other than sit back and wait
for the stable release :-) )


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