Re: [htdig] config file parse error

Subject: Re: [htdig] config file parse error
From: Terry Luedtke (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 06:13:04 PDT

>>> Geoff Hutchison <> 03-Apr-00 23:32:52 >>>
>On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Terry Luedtke wrote:
>> I'm trying to define a list of search algorithms, but keep getting parse error from htsearch. The lines defining the list are:
>What version are you using? What is the exact message? Do you get the same
>message when running htsearch from the command-line?

I'm running the latest snapshot, 3.2.0b2-040200 from the command line. The results I get are:

  $htsearch -vvv 'config=test32&words=cancer'
  parse error
  In line 31

where line 31 is

  build_select_lists: ALGORITHMS search_algorithm algorithm_list 2 1 2 search_algorithm ""

>> htsearch is complaining about the build_select_lists even though it
>> looks like the examples to me. What obvious detail am I missing?
>A cursory glance looks OK. But it would help to know the above. For
>example, if you're aren't using 3.1.5, then it doesn't know about
>build_select_lists. If you are running 3.1.5, it doesn't have the speling
>fuzzy algorithm.

Do you mean 3.2.0 doesn't know about build_select_lists? That would certainly explain my problem. I'm going off the docs supplied with the snapshot.

Terry Luedtke
National Library of Medicine

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