[htdig] P: access docdb with perl

Subject: [htdig] P: access docdb with perl
From: Johannes_Lorenz@mn.man.de
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 13:00:58 PDT


i want to access the docdb with perl. To access the data i'm using the
parse_ref_record function of the whatsnew.pl script of the contrib section.

I guess the actual data structure of docdb is not the same as referenced in the
parse_ref_record function, because i get the following error:

x outside of string at whatsnew.pl line xxx

The error occurs between the line 297 and 322, depending on the used docdb. I'm
not a BerkeleyDB-Pro so could somebody tell me the db-structure of htdig? BTW. I
use ver. 3.1.5.

Yours Johannes

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