[htdig] How to Rename Config file at MindSpring

Subject: [htdig] How to Rename Config file at MindSpring
From: susan@elexp.com
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 14:46:26 PDT

Hi Everyone:

I just installed htDig at MindSpring last week and although the search
works great, I’ve run into a problem.

At MindSpring, all I did was press the “Install Button” to install the
program so I really didn’t have any control over it (or probably ever will
have any more control over it).

When I looked at the sample search.html that it generated, it had the
name of my config file as “wfpxxxx” which is my User ID name at
MindSpring. However, the strange part is that the name of the actual
configuration file is htdig/conf/htdig.conf

The partsof the html form that might deal with this are:
<p align="center"><form method="post" action="/cgi-bin/htsearch">
<input type=hidden name=config value=wfpxxxx>

This performs the search perfectly. I even know that it is referencing
htdig/conf/htdig.conf because I’ve already modified the header.html and
footer.html which also worked perfectly even though the form is calling it

I’ve looked everywhere to see where it is switching my User ID for the
actual name which I’ve seen with my own eyes is htdig.conf

My goal would be either to use the default name (htdig) or substitute a
new configuration name such as elexp (I feel that using my User ID in a
form where anyone can open up the source code and see it would violate
half the security of my site leaving only the password for protection.)

Things that I have already tried that didn’t work:

1. I copied htdig.conf into a new file and renamed it elexp.conf and put it
in htdig/conf/ directory
    My config line then looked like this: <input type=hidden name=config

2. Deleted the config line altogether as Geoff Hutchison suggested last
January. MindSpring claims that I installed Version 3.1.2 which should
then default to htdig.conf.

Both times I got the error message:
htsearch detected an error. Please report this to the webmaster of this
site. The error message is:
Unable to read configuration file

I have already emailed MindSpring several times and they have been
absolutely no help at all.

Does anyone out there have any idea what’s going on and how I can
change the referenced name of my config file? I can use my ftp program
to modify files.

Thanks for any help with this problem.


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