[htdig] What's possible with htdig?

Subject: [htdig] What's possible with htdig?
From: Christian Grandl (christian.grandl@stusta.mhn.de)
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 11:34:37 PDT

as now htdig in finally running on our server..oh..yeah..i got a couple
of questions about what is possible with htdig?

1.Does htdig create log-files?
Background is that i want analyse the behaviour of the htdig-user to
adapt the search engine to his/her needs if possible.

2. Is it and how is it possible to index/search pdf/word-files ?

3. Is it possible to limit the search for a document to defined parts of
the document?

4. is it possible to build a kind of no-word-list(i dont now the correct
expression) meaning giving htdig a list of words that should not be
searched for even if they are entered?

Thanks in advance for all comments or hints


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