[htdig] Searching for "All" versus "Any"

Subject: [htdig] Searching for "All" versus "Any"
From: ccouple1@swarthmore.edu
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 06:41:49 PDT

First, thanks for the great software!

I have an issue that I find kind of odd. I'm using the French ispell dictionaries to index a fairly well-known francophone studies website. Generally, htdig works wonderfully at handling the diacritical marks (accents, etc...) of the French, and returns useful results. When searching for a particular phrase (in this case 'Littérature francophone virtuelle') and requiring All items to be present, results are returned - but not the page with the title 'Littérature francophone virtuelle'. When doing an "Any" search against the same string, the page with the title 'Littérature francophone virtuelle' is returned.


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