Re: [htdig] CGI Question

Subject: Re: [htdig] CGI Question
From: Tod Thomas (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 06:18:26 PDT

Thanks Gilles and Jeff for your suggestions.

I commented out the exclude_urls line. The only other limiting configuration
option I have in place is limit_urls_to which I have valued with our domain
name. Still no luck. We do use cookies on this particular site but not to
maintain session, only to provide user customization. Should no customization
cookies exist, the initial page is a default so I would think that if anything
htdig would have indexed the links presented on that default page.

This particular site is driven by a central CGI process that dynamically
generates all content. Using cookies a user has the ability to customize the
presentation, but if they choose not to a default one is provided. My thought
was htdig would have a problem indexing the site in its entirety since it
would need to know what everybody's customizations were. I did think that
htdig could index the default presentation though since cookies aren't

Any thoughts?

Thanks again - Tod

Jeff wrote:

> You might want to look at the contents of your htdig.conf file, especially
> in the areas of limit_urls_to, exclude_urls, and bad_extensions. The
> mime-type of the content handed back from the server can affect the
> indexing process as well -- this is a little less likely in your
> situation.
> Also, if your site uses/requires cookies for session management, you might
> have some issues. I don't believe that htdig supports cookie usage at this
> time (I've never had the occasion to check).
> If your site uses authentication (ala basic auth, etc), you'll want to
> look into the options that can enable this in your config file. Check the
> htdig docs.

Gilles Detillieux wrote:

> You probably need to change exclude_urls in your htdig.conf. By default,
> it excludes all URLs containing /cgi-bin/ or .cgi, either of which is
> likely to be in the URLs for your CGIs.

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