Re: [htdig] Is possible compiling htdig 3.1.5 without libstdc++ ?

Subject: Re: [htdig] Is possible compiling htdig 3.1.5 without libstdc++ ?
From: Adam Rice (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 04:32:15 PDT

> Trautmann Francis wrote:
> My provider don't have libstdc++ installed on his server.
> I'm very bad with langage c and with english as you see !
> I think libstdc++ is a linker dynamic and i think perhaps it's
> possible to link static.
> Is there anybody to tell me if it's possible ? if yes could you
> give me a way for start ?
> I know, my question is better on a newsgroup on langage c
> but i think somebody who know htdig and c, lost less time
> for response.

libstdc++ is a library needed to compile C++ programs with gcc. Assuming
you actually have the C++ bits of gcc (if you can run g++ that would be
a good sign), then you could install libstdc++ in your home directory.
You can download the tarball of libstdc++ from any GNU mirror, eg.
you could then read the installation instructions, and configure it
something like
./configure --prefix=$HOME
then make && make install.

Then when you compiled htdig you'd need to somehow tell it where to find
the libstdc++ library. On Solaris or Linux, you could do this by setting
two environment variables:


before starting the compile. Other versions of Unix have other ways of
accomplishing the same goal. I believe there is some guidance about this
in the HtDig FAQ.

Adam Rice

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