[htdig] wildcard matching, 8-bit characters, and 2-letter words

Subject: [htdig] wildcard matching, 8-bit characters, and 2-letter words
From: atta dubson (dubson@swbell.net)
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 10:21:23 PST

(using 3.1.5)

1. i have a website with the tipitaka (in the pali language) and would
like to be able to search for word endings, but the wildcard * only seems
to work at the end of a word or partial word and not at the beginning. i
want to search for "*buddhassa" and get matches for "sammaasambudhassa."

2. when i search for words with an 8-bit character, i never get any
matches. do i need to change something in the configuration?

3. i never get any matches on 2-letter words. can this be fixed?


from the dhammapada:
  The perfume of tagara and sandalwood is of little enough power, while
  the supreme fragrance, that of the virtuous, reaches even up to the
  devas. 56

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