Re: [htdig] Is possible compiling htdig 3.1.5 without libstdc++ ?

Subject: Re: [htdig] Is possible compiling htdig 3.1.5 without libstdc++ ?
From: Patrick Jennings (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 02:08:13 PST

I am experiencing exactly this situation (on SunOS 5), and it's been
10+ years since I've built anything on a 'nix, and 5+ since building a
C++. (How quickly we forget!) So a relatively detailed answer posted
to this group would be much appreciated by more than one member.




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Subject: [htdig] Is possible compiling htdig 3.1.5 without libstdc++ ?

My provider don't have libstdc++ installed on his server.
I'm very bad with langage c and with english as you see !
I think libstdc++ is a linker dynamic and i think perhaps it's
possible to link static.
Is there anybody to tell me if it's possible ? if yes could you
give me a way for start ?

I know, my question is better on a newsgroup on langage c
but i think somebody who know htdig and c, lost less time
for response.

Thank by advance for all response and sorry for may bad

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