Re: [htdig] digging in external links

Subject: Re: [htdig] digging in external links
From: Torsten Neuer (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 06:55:26 PST

Matthias Kleine - Patzschke + Rasp Software AG wrote:
> Hi there!
> Our internal document-system uses a lot of external links. Up to now,
> I didn't find a possibility to tell htdig to dig in the external
> document links, too. Is this possible?

Two ways to accomplish this:

- Clear the limit_urls_to directive
  Of course, this is a dangerous thing to do, as Ht://Dig will then
  all external links in the external documents as well >:-]

- Have the external links extracted by a script and put into a file that
  can be included into the start_url part of the configuration file.
  Extracting the external links can be achieved by creating an URL-list
  from the htdig run, pipe it through sort and uniq, then eliminate the
  local URLs by piping the file further through sed or an awk script.


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