[htdig] htdig-cgi-html-output

Subject: [htdig] htdig-cgi-html-output
From: Christian Grandl (christian.grandl@stusta.mhn.de)
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 22:38:54 PST

Hello again,
i'm sorry for my plenty postings, but I'm a really newbie and although
i'm getting forward slowly there a still problems making my hair loose
while trying to have a first little search success with htdi:

After successful indexing my document on localhost I'm trying to use the
standard search.html for the html-output with just one form for the
words to enter.
When i now try to use the action "post" and submit, nothing really
happens to be seen: There is still the same browser-window with the
But when i change the action to "get" the search-form disappears and the
browser window is filled with binarydata-stuff.
In the normal way now there had to be a new html-site generated by
htsearch (in /opt/www/cgi-bin)including header, footer,etc, right?
Is there a possibilty to debug htsearch or is the worm in header,

On the Faq-site someone had that similiar problem before, but
those answers saying no execute permission of the binary(i'm root..),
cgi-script-handler(this should be default on apache 1.3) give me no
obvious hint?

Someone of you got an idea about this?

Any help is really appreciated

Geoff Hutchison wrote:
> At 4:19 AM +0200 3/30/00, Christian Grandl wrote:
> >So Im now dealing in the next step with the problem to get these results out
> >on the srceen...and I'm now puzzling a new html-site together containing all
> >the results...or is there an easier way by maybe a example html-file given
> >through the installation?
> If the htsearch CGI was installed in your server's cgi-bin directory
> and the search.html was installed, you can use this search.html file
> as an example form.
> Cheers,
> --
> -Geoff Hutchison
> Williams Students Online
> http://wso.williams.edu/

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