Re: [htdig] Help!!! Getting started with htdig

Subject: Re: [htdig] Help!!! Getting started with htdig
From: Matthias Kleine - Patzschke + Rasp Software AG (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 03:28:11 PST

conrad canz wrote:

First of all, please try to wrap your mails at 70-80 characters.
As I am new to this list, too, I don't know the exact rules here,
but about 72 characters should be ok.
> I tried to run htdig binary from my shell with "./htdig", but..well, nothing > happened, no error-messages at all!...seemed to run...but is there another
> possibility to test if there is everything ok with my
> installing-configurations in htdig?

Did you run the htmerge binary afterwards? When htdig ran correctly, there
should be some files in your ./htdig/db directory now. One of those files is
a wordlist.

> Maybe a general ?: As i want to test htdig with the htdig-online-docu, is
> there special configuration to be made to
> search for this?

Please read the documentation of the htdig.conf. It *should* run, but
there can be conditions that prevent you from running it (are you behind
a firewall? and so on).

Matthias Kleine
Patzschke + Rasp Software AG

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