[htdig] root2word.db / word2root.db

Subject: [htdig] root2word.db / word2root.db
From: Gudula Franz (g.franz@21torr.com)
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 05:18:32 PST


ive installed Htdig and copied the files bad_words, german.0,
german.aff (from the GermanWordlist.zip) in common/german

Im working with the php-classes from Manuel Lemos an now the programm
htdig_build_databases.php is running

I read that it will be took a lot of time to create the files
root2word.db, word2root.db.

My Question is :
  Can I get the files from somewhere else? Because it will take too much
time till the files are created.
  Or must they be origianl from the website, where I want to work with

Thanks for help


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