[htdig] Adding anchors to PDF files.

Subject: [htdig] Adding anchors to PDF files.
From: Gaillard Pierre-Olivier (po.gaillard@free.fr)
Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 13:06:51 PST


 I have devised a simple way to open a PDF file right at the page of a
match found by htsearch.
 I have described this solution on my web page
Basically, it's a simple Python external parser for PDF and a two-line
Netscape helper, used to benefit from the "add_anchor_to_excerpt: true"
option of htsearch.

The external parser:
  - uses pdftotext from Xpdf.
  - adds anchor "PAGE_XXX" at beginning of each page.

The helper :
  - takes the URL of the PDF file to open
  - extract anchor information from the URL to get the page number (e.g.
http://htdig.org/htdig.pdf#PAGE_122 => 122)
  - run xpdf on the right document and tell it to open it at the right

 The process can be used for Word documents and others too (with catdoc,
for instance).

     I thought some people could use this simple trick. Of course
comments are welcome.

        P.O. Gaillard

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