Re: [htdig] Searches Eating RAM

Subject: Re: [htdig] Searches Eating RAM
From: Frank Martini (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 09:14:49 PST

Hey.. I learn something new every day. That was it. 'free' reveals that we
have 102Mb available. Thanks a bunch.


> Hi - What you see is probably not what you think you are seeing ;) Linux
> does a lot of caching with unused memory, so though you don't see the
> memory reappear as "free" memory, it is still there and available. Until
> you actually need it for something it just caches recently used data on
> the chance that it will again be needed.
> You might want to try running free and also look at the amount of memory
> tagged as "cached". If the combined "free" and "cached" memory looks
> reasonable, then it is likely that all is well and nothing is eating away
> your memory.
> Also, there was a security bug fixed by 3.1.5. You might want to consider
> upgrading if possible.
> Jim
> Frank Martini's bits of Fri, 24 Mar 2000 translated to:
>>I've been noticing that something has been eating and not release ALL of our
>>128Mb of RAM. Now I've found it. For every search done, I can watch RAM by
>>the megabyte be eaten, then not released when the search is completed. (e.g.
>>a Search with 5592 matches sucked up and never released about 40Mb of RAM.
>>'Smaller' searches eat proportionally less RAM).
>>Has anyone seen anything like this?
>>HtDig Version is 3.1.4
>>OS Flavor is RedHat 6.0
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