[htdig] Choice of cache size and wordlist_cache_size

Subject: [htdig] Choice of cache size and wordlist_cache_size
From: Mentos Hoffmann (htdig@web.de)
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 04:55:51 PST


I just read the complete thread of the mails on 'doc for cache size' of
htdig3-dev and I did some experiments with different cache sizes.
A few questions remain:
1) Is the cache size determined at creation of the db and later fixed?
I created the db.* files with the default cache size. Using htsearch now
with different wordlist_cache_size's doesn't make any difference in
time. Even an absurd value of wordlist_cache_size: 10000 does't make any
2) Is the cache once it is created save somewhere on disk? e.g.
/tmp/db.cache ?
So that the first call to htdig/htsearch creates it and subsequent calls
to htsearch just grab it from disk to memory and reuse it again?
Putting it to /ramdisk/tmp/db.cache should speed up things then,
shouldn't it?

Ciao, mentos

Mentos Hoffmann, Roonstr.17, D-76137 Karlsruhe, Germany
email: htdig@web.de

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