[htdig] Custom-made searchform with htdig?

Subject: [htdig] Custom-made searchform with htdig?
From: Christian Grandl (christian.grandl@stusta.mhn.de)
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 04:27:20 PST

i'm a an electrical engineering student from Germany.
For 5 days now I've been working with htdig trying to dress up our laboratory web-server.
So I'm quite new to this list and I hope this is the right kind of forum to post my questions?
Anyway, I've got the following problem which maybe foolish to a professional..but nevertheless.. I hope someone of you cracks here has a good idea or hint:

I would like to build a cgi-based html-form which allows the administrator of the search-engine to create his own tailored search-form(customized search-form). On this html-form the admin should choose between different search-parameters e.g. output-format, expiration date of files, url of searchable servers/sites etc.
After clicking the submit button, the data is send to htdig, to htsearch?, to the output templates?... or wherever i dont know.. via CGI, if that is necessary...which is creating the main search-html-form used by the normal web-user.

I hope my describtion of this problem is not that confusing?
So, does anybody have a clue how to realize this in htdig and in which conf. files i have to dig?

Any help would be appreciated
Thanx in advance


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