[htdig] Problems with GET URLS

Subject: [htdig] Problems with GET URLS
From: Paul Wolstenholme (wolstena@oscar.cprost.sfu.ca)
Date: Sun Mar 26 2000 - 01:03:06 PST

I'm not sure whether this is a HtDig bug or a glitch in my PHP scripts.
I'm trying to use Htdig 3.1.5 to index some PHP pages that get there data
from a MySQL database. The data displayed by the page is determined by a
couple of GET variables that script uses as input --

I have set up a database that is suppose to search by one meta
tag element DC.Creator via:

keywords_meta_tag_names: DC.Creator

keyword_factor: 100
text_factor: 0
title_factor: 0
heading_factor_1: 0
heading_factor_2: 0
heading_factor_3: 0
heading_factor_4: 0
heading_factor_5: 0
heading_factor_6: 0

The problem is that when I do a search using a known DC.Creator value.
Htsearch will only return a result if I enter the value of the first
DC.Creator for a particular journal_id. For example, I know that Lorimer
is a DC.Creator value for the following page:


When I enter this value into my search form, htsearch returns incorrect
results. It returns all the page values for a particular journal_id
value. htdig appears to think that the folling are equal eventhough the
content is different.

title.php3?page=1&journal_id=3 is the same as
title.php3?page=2&journal_id=3 and
title.php3?page=3&journal_id=3 ...

If I enter the DC.Creator value for any other page value but page=1 I get
no results. Htdig seems to work fine on pages that do not pass any
variables via GET.


Paul Wolstenholme
Simon Fraser University
Vancouver, BC Canada

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