[htdig] htsearch 3.1.5 "word1 word2" searching?

Subject: [htdig] htsearch 3.1.5 "word1 word2" searching?
From: Pekka Savola (pekkas@netcore.fi)
Date: Sat Mar 25 2000 - 08:27:57 PST

Hello all,

I'm using ht://dig 3.1.5 to index a couple of hundred select websites for
a specific content.

However, when I use htsearch with arguments "word1 word2" like in
Altavista, that search expression is interpreted as word1 OR word2, not a
string consisting of two separate words.

Should this kind of searching work? I didn't find any mention of this in
FAQ or guides.

Btw, perhaps you should ht://Dig the mailing lists ;)


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