Re: [htdig] core dump

Subject: Re: [htdig] core dump
From: Geoff Hutchison (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 09:23:26 PST

On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, Chris Manjoine wrote:

> Actually, I have this problem when I run rundig not when I htdig or

Right. You're probably getting the coredump when rundig tries to create
your endings databases.

So, follow the instructions from the FAQ:
> Remove references to regex.o from htlib/Makefile.
> Remove htlib/regex.h.
> Remove references to htlib/regex.h in htfuzzy/Makefile, which will
> be there if you have previously done a "make depend".
> make

Now install the new htfuzzy program and you should be fine. Or, if you
don't care about the endings algorithm, remove it from your
search_algorithm line of your config file and comment out that portion of
the rundig script.

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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