[htdig] core dump

Subject: [htdig] core dump
From: Chris Manjoine (chris-manjoine@uiowa.edu)
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 07:46:15 PST

Actually, I have this problem when I run rundig not when I htdig or
anything else just when I try and robot the inital data?

Does anyone know if this is fixed in the new release I am having a core
dump and segment fault when I rundig everytime on my freebsd 3.3 system?

5.14. I get Segmentation faults when running htdig, htsearch or htfuzzy.
Despite a great deal of debugging of these programs, we haven't been able
to completely eliminate all such problems on all platforms. If you're
running htsearch or htfuzzy on a BSDI system, a common cause of core dumps
is due to a conflict between the GNU regex code bundled in htdig 3.1.2 and
later, and the BSD C or C++ library. The solution is to use the BSD
library's own regex code instead, as summarized by Joe Jah:
make clean
Remove references to regex.o from htlib/Makefile.
Remove htlib/regex.h.
Remove references to htlib/regex.h in htfuzzy/Makefile, which will
be there if you have previously done a "make depend".

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