Re: [htdig] cookies and session-ids

Subject: Re: [htdig] cookies and session-ids
From: Geoff Hutchison (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 18:22:54 PST

At 5:50 PM -0800 3/23/00, Remi Fasol wrote:
>Apache::ASP has a feature where the session-id can be
>automatically added to urls when the user agent
>doesn't accept cookies. and because htdig doesn't
>accept the cookie, it establishes a new session (and
>session-id) for each page access.

That's a bit weird--doesn't it see the old session id there and use that?

>yes, that was the easy quick fix. however, i suppose
>it would be nice if htdig accepted the cookie.

Yes, this is on the TODO list. :-) It will be easier to implement on
the 3.2 codebase because the HTTP code is now independent of the
indexing code itself.

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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