Re: [htdig] 3.1.5 update drama

Subject: Re: [htdig] 3.1.5 update drama
From: N Irons (
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 12:39:44 PST

On 3/22/2000 at 3:24 PM, (Geoff Hutchison)

> You can always use curl or wget or your favorite command-line HTTP
> retrieval program and take a look at all the server responses from an
> htsearch request. Most of these have some way of grabbing the headers
> as well as the actual HTML source.

Of course. Not my best day.

There is officially nothing coming back from htsearch, or rather,
there's a zero, two spaces, and a CR/LF. Five bytes, no more, no less,

It is giving me delays commensurate with a search -- common words take a
long time, uncommon words return quickly. It's just that they all
return the same five bytes.


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