[htdig] Passing the Config File

Subject: [htdig] Passing the Config File
From: Richey, Ross (richeyrw@arup-lab.com)
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 12:13:43 PST

On my web page I have a basic search page and an advanced search page (the
basic has the word field and the search button, the advanced has all options
for boolean, long and short, etc.) In addition to that I have three
seperate databases, one for the whole site and two for large sub-sections of
the site. When the results are displayed, the header contains the search
form so that people can initiate a new search (which is standard) but there
is also a link to the advanced search. Since I seem to only have one header
template I can use how do I point the advanced link to the advanced search
form corresponding to the initial database (whole site, or either
sub-section). Am I making any sense?

Any help would be appreciated.

Ross Richey
Webmaster www.arup-lab.com

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