[htdig] <htdig>tobeindexed</htdig>

Subject: [htdig] tobeindexed
From: Benoit Rigaut (benoit@mmania.com)
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 02:38:43 PST


I'm currently using htdig on a web server running JSP dynamic pages. I'm
using a wrapper to keep my JSP pages and to get inner content from cgi
scripts (and also the search pages, thanks to the script_name
directive :).

But because of the use of a wrapper I cannot fill any meta tag
corresponding to the inner content of the page. This causes me some
trouble, because I'm indexing a mailing-list archive and letting htdig
create it's own description proves unreadable.

I'd like to use a kind of "use_meta_description: true" but which would
collect data inside the page. A special tag '<htdig>text to be
indexed</htdig>' or a '<htdig description="text description"/>' would
provide more flexibility for the indexing process.

Another problem is that I would like to use a different description meta
tag for htdig and for external spiders. Much the same way a htdig-keywords
alternate meta tag is supported, could it be possible to support a
htdig-description alternate tag?

Sounds like good ideas? Many thanks!

Benoît Rigaut %^)

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