[htdig] some stupid beginner questions about htdig

Subject: [htdig] some stupid beginner questions about htdig
From: Jim Byrd (byrd@acm.org)
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 17:40:44 PST

My background is mainly in Microsoft environments (please don't boo too
loudly), doing real programming (C++, COM, etc) instead of web stuff, and
my Unix experience is *really* ancient. Perhaps that's part of the problem
here. I may be making some really elementary mistakes.

I volunteered to try to help out a non-profit group here with a web site
(they couldn't find anyone else), and I am trying to get htdig up and going
on the site. The particular server they use is an Intel-based Solaris
machine running Apache. It had the GNU tools (gcc, etc) installed, so I
figured they should be adequate for anything that needed doing.

I ran the htdig "configure" test script, and it says that gcc does not work.

I created a simple "hello" c program, and tried to compile it with gcc. The
compiler failed with a "signal 11" error. I had first executed the command
set path=($path /opt/bin)
to make sure that the GNU tools (which lived in /opt/bin) were available.

As near as I can figure, this indicates a memory problem somewhere on the
server. Is there anything else that can reasonably cause this?

The people at the site owning the computer concluded the same thing,
ordered new memory for the machine. In the meantime they compiled the htdig
tools on another Intel-based machine for us.

After modifying the htdig configuration file, I tried "htdig". I got this
% htdig
ld.so.1: htdig: fatal: libstdc++.so.2.9.0: open failed: No such file or

I noticed that /opt.lib contained a file libstdc++.so.2.10.0, but not
libstdc++.so.2.9.0. Adding this file (from another machine) didn't help.

I suspect there is some really elementary path-related setup or something I
should be doing so that htdig can run. But given my abysmal ignorance of
Unix environments, I must be missing it.

Does anyone have any suggestions here? Is there some elementary book I
should read to help with this sort of configuration issue?

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