[htdig] HTdig and FastCGI ?

Subject: [htdig] HTdig and FastCGI ?
From: Christophe BAEGERT (cbaegert@dernieres.com)
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 15:14:32 PST


since I've discovered FastCGI, i've converted a lot of scripts (Perl or
C, but no C++ at this time) to use it. It's really easy and
FAAAAAAAAST. Does anyone have already thought about that with HTdig ?

Why do I need it ? I first used htdig as a press search-engine on my
website. Now I'm sending its results daily as well (5 request by user).
The indexing process begins at 8.45 AM, stops at 8.52, and I want to
send all messages before 9.00. I've already 300 users, 850 requests (
268 are identical and so cached without using htsearch again). It takes
70 seconds (with a load of 1.16 : 1.00 is used by htdig, 0.16 by qmail
to send the results I imagine). But I only begin, and in a few days, I
will have performance problems ! My server is a twin Celeron 400 with
256 Mo RAM, Linux 2.2, htdig 3.1.4 and a 10Mb/s line (I've just upgraded
to 3.1.5, but no benchmark at this time)

I'm wondering how to gain time without buying a Quad-Xeon 800 !!! So I
think to a process like Fast CGI : why not using fastcgi as a daemon
? It could avoid me to open it and close it 850 times in 70 seconds....
And of course, I would be a little faster on the web as a FastCGI .

Best regards,

Christophe BAEGERT     cbaegert@dernieres.com

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