[htdig] Problems with CRONTAB

Subject: [htdig] Problems with CRONTAB
From: Fanac Webmaster (fanac@fanac.org)
Date: Sat Mar 18 2000 - 17:51:49 PST

I've recently installed ht://Dig on my site at fanac.org and I have been very
happy with it so far. There is one major problem however that I need help
with. This problem is probably exacerbated by my lack of experience with Linux
even though I've been programming for 40 years or so. This is part of my note
to CI Host after they disabled my htdig directories and htsearch due to htdig
overloading their system.

"The search provided by ht://Dig (http://www.htdig.org/) seems to work quite
well and it does not appear to cause any problems. Running htdig and htmerge
to create or update the data base used by htsearch also seems to work without
causing any problems when they are executed manually via telnet. If you check
the ht://Dig web site you will find that there are hundreds of other sites that
use their search quite successfully."

"Where things go sour is when I try to use CRONTAB to automatically run htdig
and htmerge at 3:00 AM each morning in order to keep the data base up to date.
For some reason running htdig under the Cron Daemon causes errors and for some
reason the Cron Daemon attempts to rerun htdig over and over again rather that
just giving up when it encounters these errors. This seems to be the cause of
the system overload."

I am attaching the first of the 62 error message generated by the Cron Daemon
and a copy of the Crontab entry that I used.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Jack Weaver Fanac Webmaster
The Fanac Fan History Project http://fanac.org
Science Fiction Fandom WebRing http://fanac.org/sffandom

# Schedule updates for the ht://Dig search data base


# Run rundig at 3:00 AM daily
* 3 * * * /home/fanac/www/htdig/bin/rundig

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