[htdig] Rajendra Inamdar's Patch

Subject: [htdig] Rajendra Inamdar's Patch
From: Eric Luhrs (eluhrs@nbcs.rutgers.edu)
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 08:30:23 PST

I'm looking for Rajendra Inamdar's patch to allow one to search multiple
databases without needing to merge them. I looked through the mailing
list archive, but the patch was not attached to the announcement message.
I also looked at the patch archive, but couldn't find it there either.
I'm primarily looking for the patch to Htdig 3.1.x, but if that is not
available, I'm willing to install v3.2.x. Has anyone used this patch
successfully? What did you think of it? Thanks in advance!



Eric Luhrs, Rutgers University Computing Services. MAIL: eluhrs@nbcs.rutgers.edu VOICE: 732.445.2464

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