[htdig] Introductory questions

Subject: [htdig] Introductory questions
From: Gary Day (gday@rogers.nwsc.k12.ar.us)
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 11:25:15 PST

I almost never join a list and immediately send a question without first
listening in a bit but I need some information.

I've installed htdig on a RedHat 6.0 Linux server. Everything runs just
dandy (one of the simplest compiles and installs I've ever done).

I've read the docs.

1. In your experience, how scalable is htdig? I'm just using it to
prototype a "community" search engine now so it will be fine for now, but
will it scale to 5000 sites if I have the disk space? So far, it looks
like it should but the digging time may be a while.

2. It looks like it is clearly possible to just reindex one site without
all the rest. Is that correct? Currently when I do it, no matter what is
in my config file, it at least confirms all the existing sites/urls as
well as the one in the config file.

Thanks. I hope these aren't questions you've just answered yesterday. If
so, I'm sorry.

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