Re: [htdig] indexing full text documents

Subject: Re: [htdig] indexing full text documents
From: Brian Hancock (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 05:16:51 PST

Hi Geoff, thanks for the reply.

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Geoff Hutchison wrote:
> I'm a bit confused. Why do you say it hasn't indexed the full text of
> the files? It will read in up to max_doc_size of the documents, then
> store the excerpts of up to max_head_length in the database. It will
> index every word it sees.

I've increased both max_doc_size and max_head_length. When I run htdig -v
I see that it follows directories down only 2 levels. For instance
from the root html directory it follows /tag/lwe/files.html but for
/projects/spectator/text/files.html it stops at the spectator directory.
Have I missed something in the configuration?

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