[htdig] matches_per_page

Subject: [htdig] matches_per_page
From: Fanac Webmaster (fanac@fanac.org)
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 18:13:01 PST

Has anyone ever suggested adding "matches_per_page_short" and
"matches_per_page_long" to the attributes for htsearch in htdig.conf? This
would allow a user to show more hits per page when the short form is selected
thus taking advantage of this form. I have done this using JavaScript at
http://fanac.org and it works well but it would be better if it were part of
ht://Dig and not sort of tacked on because not all browsers support JavaScript
nor do all users allow it.

Sorry for resending this but there was a typo in the first version.

Jack Weaver Fanac Webmaster
The Fanac Fan History Project http://fanac.org
Science Fiction Fandom WebRing http://fanac.org/sffandom

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