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Subject: Re: [htdig] Nothing found
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 07:08:26 PST

According to Croom:
> I have installed and configured ht://dig with its defaults. I have run
> htdig and htmerge. The /db files contain accurate information about the
> html files that were used in the dig and merge. Then, however, when I
> attempt to do a search, I either get an error message (the page cannot
> be found) or, in certain instances, the system has believed that I
> wanted to download htsearch from its local location to who knows where.

I'll cover the last problem first. Your server is returning the contents
of the htsearch binary. Common causes of this are:

- no execute permission on the binary
- the binary won't run on this system (compiled for the wrong system type)
- the web server doesn't recognize the file as a CGI (for Apache, you must
  have a ScriptAlias directive for the program or the directory in which
  it's installed, or define a cgi-script handler for some suffix - e.g. .cgi
  - and add that suffix to the program file name)

By default, Apache is usually configured with one cgi-bin directory as
ScriptAlias, so all your CGI programs must go in there, or have a .cgi
suffix on them. Your configuration may differ, however.

You may want to begin by testing htsearch from the command line, and try
a simple search for a word you know to be in the database (i.e. you can
see it in db/db.wordlist, which is a text file). Please also look at the
FAQ on for other common htsearch problems which may come up.

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