RE: [htdig] parsing PDF with NT

Subject: RE: [htdig] parsing PDF with NT
From: Stéphane Baudet (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 02:09:56 PST

So now, I recompiled everything and they are all 3.1.5. I added
dictionaries, templates and graphics in the common directory. I also
included the contrib files, but I didn't test them yet. And eventually, I
included the cygwin1.dll which should be the only DLL necessary to get all
work. I included your README that I modified and completed, and I'm
currently uploading the zip file in binary mode ;) I think it's almost ok
for now ! I hope I didn't forget something else ?

Stephane Baudet.

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According to Stephane Baudet:
> oops !! Sorry, I forgot to switch to the binary mode !! I just uploaded it
> again. As I don't have overwrite or delete access, I had to rename it to
> . And it's with binary mode now :)

OK, I grabbed the latest copy, but there are still a couple problems.
First of all, htsearch.exe is from the 3.1.4 version, and not 3.1.5,
so it still has the security hole, and lacks all the other 3.1.5 fixes
and enhancements.

The htdig.conf file is also based on 3.1.4, so it lacks the HTML 4.0
required quoting of all HTML tag parameters, as I put in the latest
version's htdig.conf file, which in turn requires 3.1.5's fix to the
quoted string list handling in htsearch.exe.

Finally, while not essential, it would be a big help if the zip file
included the dictionaries and templates in the "common" directory, and
even the .gif and .png graphics and the initial search form for the web
server, so that the user would not need to dig these out of the source
tar file to get a complete package.

I've written a preliminary README file to go with the .zip file. It's
just an edited version of one of your previous e-mail messages, with a
few extra paragraphs about installing templates, dictionaries and image
files. The note about the lack of templates and such can be removed
if you include them in the .zip file. Let me know if this is OK with
you. You may even want to include it as a README right in the .zip file.

Once again, I thank you for all your efforts in this. I think it'll
help a lot of other NT users, as we've gotten a lot of requests on this
mailing list for NT binaries.

--------------- htdig315_nt.README ---------------
Windows NT binaries for htdig 3.1.5 to run under Cygwin environment
Packaged by Stephane Baudet.

To compile it, I just did it from the cygwin bash shell the classic Unix
way, I mean : "sh configure" to use autoconf, and then "make". I didn't
use "make install", but I copied the binaries and the htdig.conf file
to the place where they should be. I compiled it on a Pentium pro 200
server with NT server 4.0. You must first install cygwin B20.1 that you
can find on . Actually, only the
cygwin1.dll may be necessary.

I zipped my files and I also put my own htdig.conf that other users
may modify to put their own path for the external parser. I included a
slightly modified, which works well with NT and xpdf 0.90. I
also put pdfinfo.exe and pdftotext.exe from xpdf 0.90. I put my binaries
in c:\opt\www\cgi-bin and c:\opt\www\htdig\bin . The zip file contains
c:\opt\www\cgi-bin and c:\opt\www\htdig . NT users should change the
database path in htdig.conf. I put it on c:\opt\www\htdig\db, but with
cygwin syntax, if the DB must be, for instance, on d:\www\mydb, just
change the database dir line in htdig.conf with the following path :
d:/www/mydb or //d/www/mydb .

Dictionaries and templates should be installed in c:\opt\www\htdig\common
and image files should go in the "htdig" directory under your web server's
document root directory by default, unless you change the common_dir and
image_url_prefix in htdig.conf.

The zip file does not include any of the GIF files, dictionaries or
templates, but you can get them from the source tar file, or use your
own for a custom setup.
--------------- htdig315_nt.README ---------------

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