[htdig] How does the DIG the ranking?

Subject: [htdig] How does the DIG the ranking?
From: Thomas Albl (thomas.albl@staedtetag.de)
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 06:18:33 PST

Hi * at the ht-dig-List,

after half an hour searching in then Online-Docs I haven't found anything
about the method how the DIG does the ranking.

A real example:

I use the DIG 3.1.3 for a project (german language) with the following

search_algorithm: exact:1

I search for the Word "Feuerschutz" (occure in 8 Documents, never in Title
or META-keyw.)

A search brings up a curious result:

One doc has a Ranking of 93 (Doc-Type html the word "Feuerschutz" occurs 1
Another doc has a Ranking of 91 (Doc-Type html the word "Feuerschutz"
occurs 1 time)
A third doc has a ranking of 90 (Doc-Type txt the word "Feuerschutz" occurs
1 time)

Neither date_factor nor backlink_factor params are set, so I admit the
default values are used (All the docs have one incoming URL (backlink) and
no outgoing URL).

So why is there a difference in the ranking?

BTW Is there a description how the DIG generates the ranking value (in
accordiance to the used algorithms)?

TIA Thomas 
Mit freundlichem Gruß
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